Update from the guys in Supe

First of all we want to send a fraternal greeting on behalf of the guys of the Fraternity  “Señor de los Milagros”- Supe.
In this letter we wish to share a little bit of the experience that we have lived since opening the house. Since you have been able to see the house, you know that in the beginning it was a just a challenge with a lot of sand and nothing around us. It has been a great joy for us to see how much we’ve progressed in such a small amount of time. God has been with us from the very first step. We have organized a group of parents that hold meetings for the guys who want to enter Supe, and as of today there are 22 guys in our house. With great enthusiasm, and as always hand in hand with the Lord, we have moved forward with our prefabricated wooden houses, our humble but very welcoming chapel, and one nice little house to welcome Bishop Pachi on his visits, who is our very good friend. The little house is also there for the sisters or missionaries from our community when they come to visit.
We worked a lot to achieve any kind of plant growth. At the beginning it was very difficult to get results, but we have come to understand that with patience and dedication we can succeed. Now we have a small garden and we were able to grow a field of tomatoes to make our own tomato sauce!!! The ranch portion of our house has also grown. We started with our first cow and pig, which were gifted to us from the mission “Rayo de Luz”and now we have many different animals. We have also been able to install a few solar panels, now we have a a small amount of light and energy which all we really needed. 
We are very thankful for God, because he is always with us, he gives us air to breathe, and hope on our journey. The guys are very happy to see the changes that are made through faith and work done with love.
In this delicate moment of the pandemic that has affected us all, we are aware that only God gives us the peace and graces that help us to be faithful and to be able to pray for all of those in need. A few weeks ago we received a big blessing, a visit from our bishop, Bishop Santarcielo. He came personally, after we’d waited a long time, to give us his permission to have the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel! For us it was a great feast!! Now we are walking forward with a lot more strength and hope.
We also want to share, that we have begun working on our next challenge…a soccer field!! It is a big desire that all of our guys have. They want to be able to play a game after prayers and work. It’s an important part of our walk in Community, because it helps get out all the energy that we have inside, it teaches us to work as a team and know how to play without the fear of losing. We have received help from the city with the machine to level the ground, but we are still have a long way to go . And this where we would like to ask for a hand to complete our dream. We need to collect about $4,000 to be able finish the Project and we are sure that all tighter we will be able to do it.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and know that you are in our prayers.

-Hugo and all the guys of Supe


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