Chapter from the book “Sparks of Light” from the heart of Mother Elvira



          When we read John Paul II’s Apostolic letter on the Rosary, our hearts exulted with joy because, since the very beginning of Community this prayer has given rhythm to our days.  The risen lives of many young people who went through Community and the peace discovered by so many desperate families are intrinsically bound to the Holy Rosary, this simple yet powerful prayer through which they found serenity and forgiveness.

          The Rosary is God’s magnificent gift to humanity, for through this prayer we obtain extraordinary graces.  Some people feel it is an old and monotonous prayer.  However, we can testify that it is truly effective for healing, freedom, peace, and reconciliation.  Why do we in Community pray one Rosary early in the morning, one in the afternoon, and another one in the evening?  Precisely because it gives cadence to the dawn, the afternoon, and the sunset of life – to every aspect of our life.  The sunrise of each day is the beginning of our personal story.  For this reason, we fix our gaze on the birth of Jesus, and we meet Him due to Mary’s “yes,” so that our life, too, may be reborn, may begin again each day with Him, and may say “yes” to His plan of love for us today.

          Then there is the early afternoon, the time of adolescence that is often the most problematic age, where we search for deeper answers to our questions.  When you are twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old, you begin to see your parents’ flaws, school begins to feel restrictive to you, the differences between rich and poor make you suffer, you do not know who to take sides with, you struggle incredibly with your feelings, and sometimes you have an enormous conflict within yourself and with everything that surrounds you.  It is a stage for which we educators are never fully prepared to give true and convincing answers to the profound questions that young people communicate to us through their protests.

          That is why in the early afternoon, which represents that time of adolescence, when so few answers were given to you, we pray the sorrowful mysteries, so that Jesus’ Passion may heal our wounds, our negative memories, and the violent and angry judgements, which at that age provoked false rebellion inside of us and led us on the path of evil.

          Then evening comes.  Praying the third Rosary is our preparation for the years of old age, the years of weariness, sickness, and the sunset of life.  With your rosary in your hands, you will not get discouraged because you have an extraordinary fullness, clarity of mind, and freedom of heart.

          Contemplating Christ’s Resurrection, you prepare your heart for the definitive encounter with Him, and you discover that your suffering gives birth to a new life, which is the true reality that awaits you in heaven.  I am preparing myself for these years, and I truly desire to get there with light in my mind, joy in my heart, a living hope, and with a courage that is present in every moment.  Let us embrace then, the entire day of life with this sweetest of prayers that, through Mary’s heart, places our life story in Christ’s life and His in our daily living.  The Rosary is a prayer for the humble, for the poor, and for the simple.  For this reason, it is Mary’s prayer, simple and humble, yet strong and powerful in God’s eyes.

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