The Final Steps of the New House

Things are moving forward here at Mary Immaculate and there is a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming Festival of Life and the completion of the second phase of the new house. Needless to say, we have had our hands full, but we’re making great progress. The two new bunkhouses are almost complete as we are wrapping up the tile work and installing the plumbing fixtures. We are looking forward to increasing our capacity with 32 more beds! The chapel is also moving along as we are currently in the process of some fine wood working on the trusses and ceiling, which will soon be followed by the floor. 
It’s definitely a bitter sweet feeling as we draw closer to the finish. It continues to be such a blessing and a unique opportunity for all of us that have been able to contribute and be a part of the community during this special time. We’ve learned so much throughout the course of this project, but the most important of these is what we’ve discovered within ourselves and what is possible when we keep our focus on Jesus. No task, however daunting, is impossible with Him. We’ve faced so many challenges and have overcome each of them (by the grace of God). It hasn’t been easy, by any means, but the struggles and difficulties have instilled in us true sacrifice, service, trust, genuine friendship, the value of hard work and a renewed sense of purpose. For us, this journey has been a lot more than just building a house, but rebuilding ourselves and our lives with Jesus at the center and building something that will give life and hope to others in the future. We are so grateful for the opportunity to build hope and ask for your prayers as we push to the finish!
-Mike & Vito


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