New Projects

After the visit of Don Andrea and Don Marco, we took advantage of their stay in projecting 3 new
installations to better our mission and the health of our children and missionaries.
  • Right now we are using an old garage as our kitchen. One of our neighbors comes to cook the Liberian food every day for the whole mission. It is an area that is not adequate for cooking, and the hygienic conditions are bad. This kitchen is not well equipped for the preparation, cooking, or cleaning process that is needed for the food. This creates an area that is unsanitary and unhygienic and not safe for the children and for the missionaries. That being said, we would like to build a new outdoor kitchen.
  • The new kitchen will be 5 by 7 sq. meters. Inside the kitchen will be 3 coal pots, two sinks, one for washing the food, and one for washing the pots. There will be a concrete and iron shelf for cutting and having a place to store the food. It will also include one coal oven to prepare bread. We would like to use tiles on the floor and the walls, that way we can clean it easily and be able to disinfect the kitchen.
  • Total Estimate: $7,000
  • When the Nuncio from the Vatican visited, we showed him all of the buildings in our mission. He explained to us that the female missionaries and the consecrated Sisters should not be sharing the same house. That the Sisters would need a separate apartment of their own, according to the rules of the Church. We decided that it is necessary to build an apartment with a small chapel for our 5 Sisters.
  • The apartment will consist of a small dining room/kitchen, 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, one guest bathroom and a small chapel. (See attached plans.)
  • Total Estimate: $25,000
  • After the visit of Father Rinino, we took two samples of water from our well and brought it to be analyzed in Italy. They told us that our water is polluted having found bacteria and protozoa. For this reason we need to build a new well for the health and safety of our children and missionaries.
  • For this new well we need to contact ‘Living Water’ an industry that makes these wells in Liberia.
  • Total Estimate: $ 4,000

The total estimate for these 3 projects is $36,000.
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