Testimonies from the Missionaries

Hello, My name is Nooshin and I’ve been here in the mission in Villa El Salvador, Peru for 2 years now. I am living in the middle of poverty and this has helped me to appreciate life and all of the providence that we receive. Living in the missions has been such a gift and it has given me a clear idea of what I want in life. Being here has helped me not to be afraid of giving, and welcoming what is in front of me. Everyday I am growing in faith as well.  I live in a house with  children newborn to three year olds, from all different backgrounds and stories. The mission is a place where you are able to give of yourself to the fullest and discover new things everyday. It has helped me to go forward, to be responsible, to take risks, and to love. The children are full of life, energy and are ready to play. Their smiles fill me up and help me to live every day positively. Some of our children go for adoption , or when they’re 3 years and older they go to our other house Rayo De Luz from ages 3 – 18.  I am with the children from the ages of 1 1/2 to 2 year olds. I am filled with joy when I am with them and enjoy seeing them grow and make steps in life.  During the day I am with 7 children that bring so much life. I take care of them by changing their diapers, educating them and just simply being there for them. We are called their “tias” (aunties) I live with two sisters as well that are examples for all of us to serve and love without limits. Not only do we serve inside the missions but we go out also to say testimonies, reach out to the poor and homeless and join outside events. We are blessed to have many friends of community that love and support us.
I’m so grateful for the gift of being in the missions, I have learned to cook for all the children , and not be afraid to give more of myself. Everyday is just so full and rich and by the end of the day I am tired but also very fulfilled . Let’s be men and women who are courageous, not afraid to give more to have an open heart and to help hands-on with the needs of others. It all starts with loving and giving now, today, wherever we are. We have to learn to grow to be responsible for our lives and the lives of others, to start caring. We should be men and women who say yes to Gods will, to be open minded and ready to love and serve!!!!
Thank you!


Being here in Peru often times feels like living in another world. Every time I go out the front door or up to the roof I am shocked by the world around me. There are so many people here living in extreme poverty, surrounded by trash and dirt, with our real roofs or some sort pavement in their home. Yet they live as if it were completely normal. It is a huge blessing to be here in the mission and simply realize how fortunate I am. We always hear about people “less fortunate than us” but you can’t truly comprehend it until you’ve experienced it first hand.
The daily life here in the mission is such a rich and fulfilling experience. I spend my mornings cleaning the house—a work without end as we live in a world of dust, sand, and filth. Then,, in the afternoon, I am with seven babies from new born to around one year. Our youngest is Matteo (3 mos), Tomas (6 mos), Abrahan (8 mos), Lucas (11 mos), Lucia (12 mos), Anyeli (13 mos) and Abigail who is 19 months but severely retarted physically and mentally and appears to be a child of 6 months. Each child has such a unique, often times also very sad, story. Matteo was left in the middle of a shopping center when he was only a few days old. There have been newborns found closed up in trash bags and left to be picked up by the garbage trucks. Many have mothers who are mentally unstable or ill and incapable of keeping a child. Then there is Abrahan; we know absolutely nothing about him, not even where he was born or where he was found. Many times I really suffer when I hear their stories and this pushes me to pray more and more, knowing that that’s the only thing I can do for these children. Its is a blessing for me to be able to care for them and hold them each day, giving love to these children who already at such a young age have such profound wounds. Being with these children pushes me constantly to be more patient, more tender, more maternal, and more creative. As a result of their condition, many of our children are very behind developmentally, and this challenges me a lot to be more creative in finding ways to stimulate them and give them more of the love and attention that a baby needs. Many times, the life here is also very difficult and challenging. It is hard to slow down and just be with these babies that don’t even understand me, but I know that they understand the love. We also have very Little time for ourselves and many times even in the night we have to sacrifice and get up for the children because perhaps they’re hungry or had a nightmare. However, in spite of any difficulties, I thank God for the gift that it is to be here, and for each child that we are able to help in such a small way. And I thank Mother Elvira for saying yes to the mission because it is a rich experience for any young woman to learn to love, open her heart, and grow in so many ways.
Thank you!




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