APRIL 12-14, 2019

This year we had the meeting for the families before Easter, to prepare well for Holy Week. The day began with the sun in the sky, and with so much prayer and beautiful catechesis, about the life values ​​of the Community. We went back to the basics, for all of the new families that didn’t understand how everything started. Sometimes we put on these great shows, but we forget the basics. In the evening the men and women of the Community presented The Stations of the Cross. It was a strong, touching and intense moment and I think everyone was surprised.

On Saturday, we had a beautiful moment of confessions, many beautiful testimonies from the sons and daughters of the Community. We did this to show our parents the hope of a new life. Everything was done well, with simplicity, acceptance and lots of parental participation. In the evening we showed three videos: one from Liberia, one from WYD in Panama and one from Peru. Then we gave testimony of what we had experienced. I was touching to hear the words of those who participated in these trips, even if only for a week or 10 days, where you realize what our young people are living in the missions. We already have upcoming trips to Liberia and Peru. Our girls gave testimony to the joy and experience of Panama.

Then we arrived at Palm Sunday, and here in Florida, it is always a strong moment. We carried out a beautiful procession, with the priests, the members of the Community and all the children, recreating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. We raised the palms and sang “Hosanna”. It was an extraordinary moment full of Joy!! We experienced beautifully celebrated Mass and then a nice lunch. The day ended with the praying of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a lot of dancing, goodbyes, hugs and tears from all the parents.

We thank all those who prayed for us, our guys and girls for all they’ve done, but overall to those who came. 

A special thanks to Mother Elvira because we feel your presence and thanks to you I am able to carry on everything I have learned and we are eternally grateful for the gift of your life!

Happy Easter to all!

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