Celebration of new life in Christ

Today there was a celebration in heaven and on earth, not only because it is the 36th anniversary of our community, but especially here in our mission in Peru as we celebrated the baptism and rebirth of five of our children. We would like to thank all of you who have been praying for our newest edition, Jose Eduardo (2 mos.), who today is in good health after suffering a series of complications. Today he has been baptized and, chosen by the Holy Spirit, Christina became his Godmother. Nooshin became Godmother to Matteo (6 mos.), Katlin to Edison (18 mos.), Tia Rocio to Adriana (4 yrs), and Tia Ester to Brittany (13 yrs). We celebrated the baptism at our mission home Rayo de Luz, where our children between the ages of three and eighteen live. We would like to thank Father Giuliano for celebrating the mass. It was very powerful to celebrate this moment of rebirth in Christ on the same day that we celebrate Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the start of our community. It is truly a feast of rebirth for all of us young people who came here lost and lifeless, and thanks to Mother Elvira and the Community Cenacolo, we too have been reborn in Christ. It is a huge gift and responsibility to be a Godmother. Living this day was a renewal for us, because it gave us the responsibility to think and pray outside ourselves for our new children in Christ. 

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