Update from Peru

Here we are from the mission in Peru to share with you all some of the beautiful things that we are living in this time.
In this month the lord has made it possible for us to welcome, with a lot of joy, four new babies. The first one to arrive was Yarelì 7 mos. Then on September 8th a new baby arrived, four days old and we decided to name her Maria in honor of the blessed Virgin’s birthday. Next came Christina a nice plump 8 month old baby. Last but not least came Ivan a beautiful little dark skinned two month old baby of Cuban origin. This completes our family for the moment which consists of twenty precious children. The biggest being Cesar who is almost three years old and will soon be transferred to Rayo de Luz.
In this week , we celebrated the 14th anniversary of our house . Thanks to our friends who have helped us to prepare, and to many good people who provided for us, we were able to have a beautiful celebration. The greatest gift was the presence of our Bishop Carlos who came to start off the festivities with the Holy Mass. At the start of the Mass Bishop Carlos passed the microphone to Sister Marica and asked her to share about how our mission in Peru was born.
She shared about how the motive behind our mission is to help the abandoned children, but how in the end they are the ones who help us grow and change. She also spoke about the gift of divine providence, and as a concrete example, having found a family for Abigail, a child that was born premature and is very severely handicapped who has been with us in our mission for two years now!
About one month ago a family from Villa el Salvador knocked on our door saying they that they wanted to adopt a little girl, a little princess, as they already had two sons. Right away Sister Marica spoke to them about Abigail sharing with them about all of her physical problems and mental handicaps. With an open heart they said that if it were God’s will they would adopt her with much joy and that her limitations weren’t a problem for them. Since then they have been coming to visit her and get to know her often and she was welcoming towards them from the start. This was also a sign from God because normally Abi is very afraid and screams a lot when she encounters someone she doesn’t know.
When the Bishop took back the microphone he shared with everyone how he hadn’t been able to come back to our mission in many years and what he found now was that the house had changed drastically and the old “house of cardboard” as he called it once has transformed into a beautiful home; welcoming, clean, and in order. You could see that he was very happy to find our house so different. In his homily he spoke about the gift of “joy” and that every christian must have a smile and sense of hope in their face. He also touched on the importance of dialogue, loving and forgiving oneself and one another, accepting each other’s poverties. He then remembered Mother Elvira, a tiny woman, but with great faith, saying that she always let the Lord guide her, and thanks to her yes, and the persistence of Father Adrian, the community was able to come to Peru as well!
During the offertory there was a beautiful moment in which some of the children, “aunties” and sisters presented various gifts to the altar. The bread and wine, an image of Mother Elvira, the holy rosary, and a basket filled with things for our babies—bottles, formula, clothing, toys, and two missionary crosses (a symbol that all of our missionaries bear) which Tia Christina and Tia Rocío then received at the end of the mass from the hands of the Bishop.
It was a huge gift to have Bishop Carlos with us because he is a man who is very paternal and loving, who truly cares about our lives, and his way of speaking and looking everyone in the eyes reminds of Mother Elvira.
Following the Holy Mass we had a moment of dancing and joy! The “tias” did a fun gesti and then danced a Peruvian song: “Danza a mi país” which was presented by Tia Christina. One of our American tias who has been with us now for six months and has said “yes” to go and open the women’s house in Argentina and was able share and ask for prayers for this project. Afterwards four of our children presented a cultural dance of Cusco, and lastly some children danced the “marinera” a traditional Peruvian dance.
We were able to finish the evening all together with a wonderful dinner, many desserts, and time to share with one another.
We give thanks to the Lord for the gift of our mission here in Peru, for Mother Elvira’s yes and for her faith. We are happy to be able to experience, each day, that there is more joy in giving than in receiving!
Thank you all who provide for us and pray for us!
Many blessings and a hug from Peru!

Christina and Nooshin


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