Experience from the Guys who were on Retreat

Albino’s birthday was great for me in a lot of ways, but the best part was definitely the masses with Monsignor. It was a very special feeling, being with three houses having mass together and really feeling the Lord’s presence with us. I was thankful for the experience and hope to get together with all the guys a lot more in the future.
-Pete Sherlock

Something that really stood out to me during the retreat was the topic of being uncomfortable. I didn’t know what it meant to be uncomfortable I had no motivation to want to find out. Having been in community for 3 years I have been able to find motivation to push myself and the brothers around me in being uncomfortable. I can honestly say that I enjoy going to adoration during the middle of the night, giving my testimony, giving the house or a brother help. All of these have helped me become the man God wants me to be and I have been able to understand the true meaning of being uncomfortable.
-Sam Copa

The topic which stuck out the most to me is ‘Liberati’. This topic is quite relevant to my walk in Community. Letting go of all that I am not, I find myself free from the darkness, from the falsehoods, from the illusions. With all this off my shoulders, I am truly free! I am able to rise up, from the ashes of my old self, into the man God desires me to be. I am free to be a renewed, version of myself. I am free from the fleeting comfort of drugs. In my walk, I have remembered how to love, communicate, and simply be myself again. I have been born again. I am free from addiction. I have received the gift of life once more; a life free from substances. I am free from the past. I have forgiven, and been forgiven. This is my liberation, not only in a human sense, but also liberation for my soul as I move closer to Heaven, as I grow closer to God’s Kingdom.
-Andrew Gibson

The retreat we had; the weekend of Albino’s birthday was so powerful for me. The topics of trust, freedom, and coming out of my comfort really touched me in a deep and profound way. It made me reflect on my own walk and how much I’ve grown as a person by living those three topics in my daily life in community. The topic of trust touched me the most because, I’ve seen how much I’ve grown in this over the last two years! I trust in God and in this community and in his plan for my life more than I ever have thanks to this community and I also trust in this community completely and see how everything the community does and proposes is the work of the Holy Spirit! We were all there to celebrate the life of Albino, but we were also there to celebrate the “new” life we received thanks to Albino and this community! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me life, and thank you Albino for giving me the opportunity to have a new life!
-Daniel Pendergrass

Having been a part of three of Albino’s birthday’s; this past birthday weekend retreat, I felt honored and privileged to witness the motivating testimonies from Albino as well as my brother’s, and also to learn more about Mother Elvira and the incredible positive impact she has had on so many lives. The three themes that Mother Elvira proposed helped me to reflect on my walk. The first theme being trust, reminds me of a time in the middle of my walk when I had to trust in a man, I barely knew named James, who took me under his wing and transmitted the guidelines of construction and basic building principals. This endeavor, though arduous was a unique opportunity that allowed me to learn life skills, make lifelong relationships and develop a selfless character. The second theme being, come out of your comfort zone; this made me realize all the times I choose to come out of my comfort and how I need to continue to push myself to selflessly choose to come out of my comfort, because if I am comfortable, I am not growing. The third theme being, freedom. This made me feel the powerful impact of freeing myself from the clutches of sin and compromises and help to encourage and help my brothers to liberate themselves and always live in the truth.
-Peter Seton

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