Experiences of the Weekend

The weekend retreat in Florida for Albino’s birthday made me really appreciate being in community. The time spent there was much needed and made me realize how much I have grown since entering. Sharing with the guys how community has affected me in so many ways and seeing how I have hope for my life again is a complete blessing. All of the healthy friendships I have made here including my relationship with God has given me so much joy which in invaluable. Listening to Joyce and Albino speak about the 4 pillars of community and seeing how they have all affected me in my walk, makes me want to encourage other guys in community to keep persevering and to be open to them all.

Our Lady of Joyful Hope

Spending this past weekend at Mary Immaculate for Albino’s birthday was well worth the ten hour car ride to Florida. I entered at Mary immaculate and lived there for 15 months making a lot of friendships along the way. Being able to visit the house where my walk started and seeing the growths I have had from then until now is proof enough that community has had a positive impact on my life. Listening to Joyce and albino speak about the 4 pillars of community and seeing how these affect my life and the lives of everyone around me made me made me see the importance of living everyday as best I can. However, the main thing that stood out to me was my own ability to be free, to have joy and to love life throughout the weekend whether dancing, singing, or opening up and sharing with those around me. Overall I felt a lot of unity, belonging and love. I will always be grateful to be part of the Community Cenacolo Family.

Our Lady of Joyful Hope

The retreat was a special time for me; full of prayer, reflection, correction, and thanksgiving. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in the trivial matters, so I was able to refocus on the basics; the pillars of Community and the foundation of my walk. The retreat was especially providential to my prayer life and relationships.
I was moved by videos of Mother Elvira and her conviction. Even in the moments that I didn’t understand what she was saying, the language of hope, life and love proved to be universal. Although I’ve never met Mother Elvira, her presence is so powerful that I experience it everyday here in Community through Albino, Joyce, Don Marco, and all the guys here.

-Michael N.
Mary Immaculate


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