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Missions of Comunità Cenacolo

mission content1At the end of their walk in Community, for most of our members, a desire to form a family has been created. For a more profound experience of love and a contribution of themselves, the community offers to some the chance to spend a period of time in our mission houses in South America-Brazil, Mexico, or Peru. These fraternities were opened to welcome the Children of the Street. Through daily contact with the children, our members have the possibility to grow in important virtues like patience, love freely given, and understanding. These are fundamental values needed to become a good father and spouse of his own family. To choose to put one’s own life at the disposal of the weak and wounded is an act of courage and of real faith, to which the goodness of God responds with joy and peace.

True Freedom

We don’t want to limit our members to the things they have done to free themselves from that which weighs them down, because we know that without the grace of God, without the salvation that comes from God, they will repeat, they will return to depend on something. That will be once again another dependency, a slavery. If they meet Jesus Christ, their existential situation will be balanced, and they will know how to welcome love. They will know also how to confront things with an interior freedom that Jesus came to bring.

The Meaning of Service

We believe and repeat that the true healing is in service, in giving of oneself to others, which is why we have opened the missions. Missionary service really means to come out of oneself; to abandon one’s own selfishness, freeing oneself from laziness, from slavery, from dependencies, from the many things that cause pettiness. This in the missions becomes a great therapy for our members: staying with the children, with adolescents, educating themselves and educating them. In the missions, the children, the youth, are very demanding and they want to see consistency — the connection between that which is said, and that which is done. They need to experience love.

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