Maria Nuestra Madre (Villa El Salvador)

The first house we opened in Peru is located in the outskirts of Lima,  in Villa el Salvador, in the midst of human misery. It is located amidst shacks and poverty, and is a house that welcomes abandoned children. A flower of hope has come in the midst of a desert of misery. Like all the houses of Community, in Peru, we were called through the providence of two missionaries: an Irish priest, Father Adrian Crowley, and an Italian Bishop, S.E.R. Archbishop Adriano Tomasi, auxiliary of Lima. Over the years the mission has grown both in terms of space and number, and today we have received about 30 children from newborns to 3 years old. They live with us because they are abandoned, often picked up on the street, and they are entrusted to us while they wait to find a family… a family that we would like to be for them today.

Rayo de Luz

During one of her stays in Peru, Mother Elvira, felt that the growing children of Villa Salvador needed more space and a bit of greenery where they could run, be amazed, play and grow strong; she felt the need for a new home! Our Lady guided us, thanks to the many prayers and different people, from Italy and the United States, helping, we found a beautiful and bright place. This land already had a large house, in an open, green and beautiful space, and it was fifteen minutes from the mission of Villa el Salvador. On this piece of land, the houses have multiplied and over the span of a few years the children welcomed are about fifty, with an age range of 3 to 18. The mission has also become a place of evangelization, witness, and sharing of faith with many Peruvian friends. We are also thankful for the presence and faithful friendship of the Bishop of the Diocese of Lurin, Bishop Carlos Garcia. From the beginning he wished for our Community to do well. The mission house is made up of many volunteers and some missionary families.

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