Chapter from the book “Sparks of Light” from the heart of Mother Elvira


          St. John Paull II reminded us that the Church is born from the Eucharist.  The church exists for the Eucharist, by which she is nourished, inviting all of us believers to experience that our life, too, can constantly be reborn through the Eucharist.  Once again, my heart rejoiced deeply in the Holy Father’s statement, for this is my early experience as a woman and consecrated religious.  It is also what I propose with courage to the desperate youth who knock on the doors of our Community throughout the world.

          The youth who come to Community tell me, “Sister, I don’t believe, I don’t understand.”  I respond, “We welcome you freely.  We don’t ask you for anything, but we do dare to ask you to trust.  You can’t understand with your reason why you have to kneel before a small and simple piece of bread, but you can experience what happens within you, if you obey in trust.  Your heart changes and you will see it!”  Later, after one, two or three months, I meet them and their eyes are already more alive, with a smile upon their faces, and I ask them, “Do you feel the same as when you first arrived?”  They answer, “No, I feel changed!”

          You can’t understand the eucharist with your head, but you can concretely experience its effectiveness, and that’s what I see and touch every day for many years.  Those young men and women, who have the courage to kneel with truth before the power of the Living Bread that Jesus left for our nourishment come back to life.  Their hearts change, they accept and embrace their personal story, they become new men and new women, and their face lights up.

          Yes, it’s before the warmth and the light of the Eucharist that life gains back its color and taste.  That’s why in every one of our houses Jesus is the first guest.  We can’t truly welcome man if we haven’t already welcomed Him first!  The therapy that we propose to young people is this:  to kneel with trust before the Eucharist, so that He can raise us up and help us walk!  So many times, I’ve experienced this reality myself, and my life has been lifted up from where evil, sadness, sin, and discouragement made it heavy and brought it to failure.

          If I knew that there was another solution to the desperation, loneliness, and emptiness that young people have today in their hearts, I would give everything to “buy” this solution, because of my honesty and love for them.  But what I propose to them is what saved me, and what brought back dignity, strength, courage, constancy, peace, joy, and enthusiasm to my heart.  There, before Jesus, I’ve been born again many times, and I continue to be reborn.  I also always see the rebirth of many young people and families, who have the courage to begin again with Him.

          United with all the youth in our houses and together with the Holy Father John Paul II, I want to cry out to you, to proclaim, to bear witness that the Eucharist is truly “…the treasure of the Church, the heart of the world, the goal for which every man longs even unconsciously.”  I desire to invite all those who today are struggling with themselves, in their family, in the parish, “Let’s return to the Eucharist!”  An hour spent before Jesus with our whole heart is worth more than all the psychological therapy the world can offer.  When His light enters our heart, it shows us all our wounds and heals them, so that each one of us may know himself in truth and love himself.

          We need the embrace of Jesus more than the air we breathe, and that’s why He chose to remain with us.  He, who came into our fragile, poor, and weak human story, knows that we need a Saviour and a Friend, the only Bread that today is able to satiate, nourish, and give peace to our interior life!

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