The Community lives on the Providence of God.

This means that we know and trust that God Our Father, who is loving and kind, will give His children all that we need. We learn to live in gratitude with plenty or with want.

WHAT IS PROVIDENCE? – (From an Interview with Mother Elvira)

Q:  Motheryou started from nothing, without any money or human security, trusting in God’s Providence.  Why did you make this choice, and what is Providence?
A:  Providence is God’s heart that knocks at the heart of man, at the heart of all humanity.  We trusted because faith called us not to be afraid.  Faith cultivated hope, trust, and patience, and helped us put our security in God, who knows our hearts. The Lord gave me much more of a guarantee than all the human security possible!  I discovered God as a Father when I was still a child, and I learned to entrust myself to Him when poverty was at its worst, when we did not have anything, and I would hear my mother often repeat, “Holy Cross of God, do not abandon us!”  No one wants to suffer, but here I came to understand how important it is to learn how to live with the Cross, because the Cross is our mother, and we have to love her in order to live the other parts of our life well. 
I wanted the young people that I took in, not only to hear us speak about God, but to see His concrete, practical Fatherhood.  I said to Him, “I will take them in, welcome them, and You show them the Father that you are!”  He has never, never disappointed us!

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