* The process for entering community is the same for both men and women.

• (1st)  Read the Entire hopereborn.org website

Very pertinent information has been provided for your discernment on this website.  Please read the entire content of the website prior to contacting the Servants of Hope.  Much of the information provided will help you determine if Comunitá Cenacolo is appropriate for your needs.

• (2nd)  E-mail or call the Servants of Hope in your area

Find contact information for the Servants of Hope in your area by visiting http://hopereborn.org/servants-of-hope/

• (3rd)  Schedule a Three Day Orientation

If approved by the Servants of Hope, please contact the Community to set up an appointment for a three day orientation.  The three day orientation takes place Monday thru Friday in St. Augustine, Florida.  The candidate for entry into Community must be accompanied by BOTH parents.  Please arrive at 9:00 a.m. and pick up the candidate promptly at 5:00 p.m.  We ask that the candidate and family members find lodging in the area during this time.  (Find information on lodging on the travel page http://hopereborn.org/travel/)
The candidate will pray and work with us for those three days, living our daily schedule.  At the end of the three days, the young man/woman will meet individually with the director of Comunità Cenacolo America.  The parents will meet with the director as well.  If both the family and the Community determine that Comunità Cenacolo is the appropriate answer for the candidate’s need, an entry date will be given within 6 weeks of the orientation.

Comunità Cenacolo accepts men from ages 18-40 and women 18-30.  Because physical labor is integral to the life of Comunità Cenacolo, the Community must assess that the candidate can handle the rigor and demands of the physical working life.

• (4th) Commitment of Parents to Journey with Comunità Cenacolo

            Parents must commit to actively participate in the life of Cenacolo throughout the minimum three years of their son/daughter’s journey in the Community.


          Parents commitment consist of:

  1.  Consistent and faithful attendance at all Parents and Family Retreat Weekends held twice a year in St. Augustine, Florida.

  2.  Consistent and faithful attendance at Monthly First Saturday Meetings held regionally throughout the country.


Mother Elvira established meetings for parents on the First Saturday of every month. The regional contacts lead this gathering of families and other interested persons in their local area. These gatherings are held in obedience to Mother Elvira’s directive that the families be committed to a parallel journey of their own while their sons/daughters are in Community. Many families choose to remain an integral part of the First Saturday meetings, serving and helping other parents, long after their sons/ daughters have completed their Community experience. Families attend Mass together, and the meeting follows. If you are coming for the first time, please call to confirm.

            If parents are unwilling to make this commitment, then Comunitá Cenacolo is not the place for your son/daughter.

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